Friday, October 18, 2013

Zumbo Opening In Melbourne

Just recently I had the great pleasure of attending the grand opening of Adriano Zumbo's newest Patisserie here in Melbourne and what a night it was!
Zumbo's Patisserie at  12-14 Claremont Street, South Yarra 
lives up to this brands usual flair, Glass, Neon and funky furniture... and those fantastic confections !

It was standing room only at the opening (actually a bit more crowded than SRO) the champers flowed and delicious nibblies and confections arrived every two or three minutes, photographers cameras snapped and flashed. It was a real scene!

As it is with Zumbo's locations the look is spectacular, the staff is well trained and those GOODIES!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dessert degustation

There is a certain excitement I get when I do a thing I've never done before ... And I must say I have never done a 10-course chocolate degustation before!

SerendipiTea is providing the teas for this function at savour chocolate & patisserie school so it would be wrong if I didn't show up... Right?
So ... All the un-usual suspects will be creating 2 courses the proprietress Kristen Tibballs and Paul Kennedy providing the finishing coup de grace'
Adriano Zumbo, Deniz Karaca, Tim Clark & Bernard Chu will all be creating desserts that sound fablulous... Mille Feuille this and caramelised that, Sorbets and pineapple brunoise ... listen that's all good and I promise i'll learn what it all means, post event the point is, as always... taste and flow and when you have talent like this crew I think we can be assured that the results will be stunning.
I've done my best to match up a set of teas that will accompany the night well OK... I was being a bit facetious about the culinary titles because I've had to look into it a bit to pair up the teas.
Let's think a bit about taste & flow the chefs involved in tonights creations are all Master Chefs so taste I think is well covered so hat leaves flow. Flow is a sometimes mysterious thing strange since we all deal with it in our lives everyday.
Flow is movement, rhythm, cadence it has facets and subtleties, think about how you move from room to room in a public space. How do we wish to move? Clumping & clomping like a child walking in his mothers heels
( don't judge! ) leaning against walls and clutching at door frames? or moving about gracefully, floating, sliding effortlessly? Yeah I know it's not really a question... The latter is what fills my expectations, this night will be filled with one off's, sights and tastes I may never see again!
it's Jazz man!
Monk takes the stand and you don't know whats gonna happen but you know it's gonna be a stone gas!
As I sit in the Savour boardroom surrounded by the scent of chocolate & fruit the sound of the occasional ignition of a chefs blowtorch and the clink clank of a kitchen in full production I find myself getting just a bit excited.
Now I smell ... Bacon?
Yeah... a stone gas!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dessert Spectacular !! @ Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

Every so often ( Not often enough if you ask my sweet tooth ) we get the opportunity to provide our uniqueness to like minded events.
This week will be a great one... our friends at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School will be hosting a World Chocolate Masters Fundraiser, 10 course chocolate degustation at their home in Brunswick.
10 Course Chocolate Degustation? ... They had me at Chocolate!
The works of Savour's own Kirsten Tibballs & Paul Kennedy as well as  Adriano Zumbo, Tim Clark & Bernard Chu will be featured and Kids take it from someone that has had a look at the goodies on offer ... you'll want to get a ticket or two and be in attendance for this one! Of course the the event will also feature teas by SerendipiTea especially chosen to complement the good works of this group of chocolate Master-chefs!
Everything you need to know is in the image above.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Artful Dodger Group

Our Friends at the Artful Dodger in Elsternwick are busy adding more venues to their stable of fantastic coffee houses

Artful Dodger Elsternwick

School of 7 bells Windsor

Whyte Cafe Glen Huntley Road Carnegie

Just thought I'd let you know they do extraordinary tea and extraordinary coffee!

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Monks Mead - Chamomile, Apple & Mango Tisane Who wouldn't love this?

This week has been filled with talk about Monk's Mead.

Here in Melbourne we supply Cabrini Hospitals, The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Center and their patrons have shown us how much they love this blend ... but Ive been thinking... There are lots of people that may not frequent the above venues so why not spread the good news around?
So, for the next 4 days if you make an online order of MONKS MEAD at of either our 12 PACK over-sized tea bags or our standard retail box you will receive a 40% discount !
So... that's 40% off  until midnight April 14th ... come and get it!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The JACKSONS , Craig David and a brand new blend

Recently, we got a call here at Serendipitea central ... It was our friends at the Melbourne convention & exhibition centre and they had a very interesting question for us ... "Do you have a tea that would coat, relax & soothe a singers throat?" This is exactly why it great that we are an artisan tea blender... My answer was ... of course we can blend something up for you!
Little did I know that the throats in need of soothing were those of none other than THE JACKSONS.
Long story short... I blended up a mix of Lemon myrtle, mint, liquorice,cinnamon, cardamom, blue marrow flower & black tea and a few other things and sent it over to MCEC. It was a smash!
The next week Craig David played The Plenary and we got another request and again another smash.

So now we're thinking... Why not release it....spread the word far & wide!

Maybe it'll start a sensation ... People will be sipping it from Sydney to Perth!! It may even change the way australia thinks about tea!!

... Ok... Maybe not but hey, it tastes great so look for it soon on

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